Meet the REinvent Network

Gain access to franchise solutions without the franchise fees.

Our real estate brokerage services are powered by our exclusive REinvent Network. These real estate solutions are available à la carte — you only pay for what you want to use. Leveraging the REinvent Network, we help you build a healthy business using integrated, end-to-end (E2E) marketing and sales practices, all engineered to increase your lead conversions, improve sales and reduce your overhead.

Real Estate Search

 89% of new home shoppers search for homes on their mobile device. Offer consumers the best online home search experience available. HOUSETOUCH is specifically designed for tablets and smart phones. Homebuyers search  with the touch of a finger or the swipe of the hand.  Experience HouseTouch live 

Real Estate Websites

 Local brokerages require better tools to compete with national portals. TERABITZ offers mobile-ready real estate websites that  highlight local expertise. A complete web marketing platform built specifically for real estate, it comes with a fully integrated CRM on the backend. Demo Terabitz now 

Marketing Analytics

 Data intelligence for your real estate marketing. TERALEADS allows you to analyze both the quality of your real estate lead sources & the effectiveness of your sales team. The first of its kind, our analytics platform revolutionizes the way you value & manage your marketing. Explore the Teraleads platform 

Post-Close Marketing

 Automated post-close marketing system for real estate agents. Give homeowners relevant information about their home, local sales data, home value and performance, & debt performance evaluation. The DATUM platform increases both referrals & repeat business. Watch Datum in action.

Real Estate SEO

 National portals regularly top SERPs on Google search results. How can local brokerages rank higher? Our real estate SEO audit and coaching services not only help you gauge your local SERP relevance, but how you can beat national portals at their own game.
Take control of your rankings. 

Agent Recruiting

 We’ve experienced a transformative cultural shift. Driven by the internet, mobility and the different expectations of Gen X and Millennials, brokers are struggling to effectively address what the next generation of agents require from brokers.
We can help you bridge that gap.

Brokerage Operations

 Camp REinvent™ idea sharing and strategic planning sessions tap into our vast experience, giving you access to knowledgeable strategies you need to run a better, more efficient, and profitable company. Tailored to fit your needs, we ensure that it works for you.
Let us show you how. 

M&A Consulting

 The market is stabilizing and brokers are better positioned to sell their business. Simultaneously, prospective consolidators are once again looking for opportunities to increase market share and acquire profit. Is this right for your brokerage?
Determine if M&A is an option. 

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