How well are you keeping up? Teraleads offers data intelligence technology to analyze the quality of your real estate lead sources and the effectiveness of your sales team.

According to NAR, 48% of agents do not respond to their internet inquiries and the balance do so a day or two later – with 55 million online real estate leads received yearly, that’s a huge missed opportunity.

Revolutionize the way you value and manage your online investments

Our marketing analytics platform revolutionizes the way you value & manage your marketing. Teraleads offers exclusive data intelligence technology that tracks how well your sources for real estate leads perform for your clients, as well as the performance of your agents after lead transfer.

About our unique data intelligence platform, Teraleads …

  • Easily measure and report on your marketing and sales performance. Receive the most comprehensive analytics in the industry. We measure the quality of each lead source and the effectiveness of your sales team.
  • Understand your internet lead traffic: With our segmentation reports you’ll know which inbound channels are performing the best.
  • Convert more leads to customers: An optimized funnel means more customers by letting you target the right message to the right leads.

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Denessa MunstermanTeraleads: Marketing Analytics for Real Estate