Today, more than ever, Mergers and Acquisitions are a critical task any growing company should be considering.

Mergers and acquisitions offer struggling companies an exit strategy that they might not think they have. Whether you are looking to capitalize on market conditions to consolidate market share by rolling in other companies, or you are looking for an exit strategy yourself, PCMS consultants have participated in over 1,000 mergers and acquisitions in their senior level roles with large regional and national real estate organizations.

“Jose Perez is definitely someone to talk to if you are interested in growth or increased profitability

for your real estate brokerage firm. I have known and worked with Jose for over 13 years and he has helped me grow national brands as well as expand my current operation in Florida. When he delivers his experience and suggestions; pay attention, his guidance and connections in the industry are extremely valuable.”
Jerry Anderson, President of Sperry Van Ness Florida

We’re trusted industry-wide because of our own experience working in the trenches just like you.

This experience, plus our up-to-date operating practices and track record of success stories, guarantees the very best solution, tailored for your business.

Our owner’s perspective in Mergers and Acquisitions is unique.  We’ve bought, sold, and merged companies ourselves, and assisted many other owners with the buying, selling or merging of their companies.  Our involvement can help you avoid costly mistakes as well as helping you identify areas you might not have considered.

PCMS Consulting’s Mergers and Acquisitions services include:

  • Valuation Services: Analyzing P&L’s and other information to determine value of your company; determining, based on market conditions what market will bear in terms of price, terms, etc.
  • Merger & Acquisition Facilitation: Cultural and financial compatibility analysis; buyer and seller needs analysis; negotiation facilitation.
  • Transition Planning: Dealing with cultural issues that occur when two companies come together; announcement; blending of compensation plans.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Seminars and Training: Available on all the above topics or customized for the client.

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