We are undergoing a transformative cultural shift that is driven by factors such as the internet and mobility and the changing expectations of Gens X/Y. While brokers struggle to meet the rising expectations of consumers, they also have not effectively addressed what the next generation of agents require from their brokers.

Do You Have the Cool Quotient?

Today’s consumer goes to Starbucks, the Apple store, or buys from Zappos online and not only receives a great experience and value for what they purchase, plus they feel like those companies are modern and hip. That same consumer is potentially an agent who could be the future of your company. Based on what they see from your social media presence, brokerage website, managers, and offices, do they see a modern and hip brokerage? Chances are they are not.

The fact is most brokerages don’t have effective recruiting systems nor do they hold their teams sufficiently accountable, resulting in underperformance. As the workforce ages and the gap between them and real estate consumers continues to grow, brokers need to focus on improving underperformance in their operations.

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