Bridging the multi-lingual gap

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How to close deals when you might not know the language If you look at the number of multicultural consumers buying real estate these days, it’s critical for you to have agents that can connect to these clients. If you can communicate in their language, you increase your odds of doing business. The challenge is finding those agents or providing them a multilingual platform that allows them to at least get started. It’s also important that buyers feel the effort is sincere so you have to be careful in how you approach this topic. A few things to consider: Make sure your site is translatable. Keep in mind that Google Translate and other machine translation programs are just that… machines. Many times the phrase that is translated does not make sense and you lose credibility.  Send property information in their native language. Nothing makes a foreign or multicultural buyer feel better than …

Jose PerezBridging the multi-lingual gap

How are you helping agents to monetize their contacts?

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Whether you are a builder/developer trying to move more product or a broker or marketing company looking to do the same on behalf of a client, bottom line is you are trying to get more consumers to buy new homes. There are many familiar ways to do this: Build a website, pay to drive traffic, and hope that someone sees it; Build an expensive sales center and hope a consumer comes in the front door; Hold open houses for agents and hope that they do something with all those brochures you printed up for them; Create a direct marketing print or digital marketing campaign and hope consumers/agents don’t unsubscribe; and, depending on your market, Translate all your materials (print and online) into multiple languages in the hopes of catching the eye of one of those many foreign buyers. Do any or all of these resonate with you? One additional area …

Jose PerezHow are you helping agents to monetize their contacts?
Learn how social collaboration sells luxury real estate

Everyone wants to sell luxury real estate

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Everyone wants to sell luxury real estate but not all are qualified. What if you could help them look qualified, let them work their contacts all over the world, and then send their leads to you to close? I’ve spoken about social collaboration before. The idea of putting your information in the hands of agents and letting them work for you is innovative and it’s coming to real estate. (Social collaboration refers to processes that help people interact and share information to help achieve a common goal. In real estate, that goal is selling property.) Many high-end buyers are coming from outside your market. As a result, it’s imperative that you have a way to reach those buyers so that they see your luxury real estate listing. The challenge is finding those people, especially the farther away they are. What if you could connect with agents all over the world — who …

Jose PerezEveryone wants to sell luxury real estate
social collaborative marketing is coming to real etstate

Leverage social collaboration to motivate agents and reach more consumers

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How do you get information about your properties in front of consumers and agents? Most likely you use the following typical marketing methods in your business: MLS, Syndicate, Print ads in newspapers, Print brochures, Open houses, and any number of other methods that rely on a consumer or an agent to see your information — and hopefully — pick up the phone or send you an email. What if you could put your information in the hands of motivated agents that would be doing the work for you by exposing your properties to their clients? Instead of hoping someone will see your information and call or email you, you would be able to encourage agents to talk to their clients on your behalf because they know they are going to get paid a referral or commission. Welcome to social collaboration! Think about Facebook, LinkedIn, and other available social channels. You follow people, they share information about their …

Jose PerezLeverage social collaboration to motivate agents and reach more consumers
meeting consumer expectations for real estate in 2016

Consumer expectations … the forgotten child

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As a consumer, I’ve had multiple experiences lately with a bank, a doctor, and a government agency that make me wonder what century I’m living in. Every transaction was paper based with tons of duplicate information and just a whole lot of inefficiency all over the place. Completely unsatisfying experiences meeting my consumer expectations. Consumer focused brands, systems, and efficiencies are everywhere these days. If you’re not taking advantage of them and making consumer expectations part of your value proposition you’re operating your business at a disadvantage. So what should you be thinking about? Here are a few ideas that can help you meet consumer expectations: Streamline! All your processes need be designed around delivering a better consumer experience both online and offline; Go paperless! The more paper in your consumer-facing functions, the more hassles you’re creating and the more you’re exposing this weakness; Digitize! Part of being paperless is digitizing everything you do, especially …

Jose PerezConsumer expectations … the forgotten child

Digital marketing is cheaper, faster and more efficient

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Each time someone mails me a brochure I wonder what they might be thinking: Do they really expect I’m going to take the time to open the envelope and then actually do something with it? The answer is most likely “no”. Then why are so many brokers/developers still spending so much of their real estate marketing budgets here? Digital marketing is where you have to be for the following reasons: Even if you still have to print brochures to please a client, you don’t have to print as many if you have a digital marketing platform available to distribute marketing assets and  information; If you are disseminating your property information digitally, you have better control over your marketing assets where they reside all in one place, and where agents can’t manipulate them in some way (i.e. stapling their business card, re-sizing pictures, etc.); Similarly, if you have a platform for distributing this information to agents, you can also see …

Jose PerezDigital marketing is cheaper, faster and more efficient