How do laws protecting consumer’s privacy affect your brokerage business?

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47 states have enacted laws protecting people’s privacy.  Realtor’s could be liable even if they follow the right protocols. If they don’t follow them, they could be at higher risk! Please join our webinar on September 24 to learn how safe and secure document and email transmission impacts you. NextDeal has launched a new real estate industry product, SafeSend, that encrypts email and documents for safe and simple transmission to consumers. [box type=”tick” icon=”none”]Download the SafeSend Email and Document Encryption for Real Estate document.[/box] SafeSend works as a standalone system or as a plug-in for Outlook and addresses new industry best practices, which call for the protection of all NPI data. With SafeSend, the sender always knows exactly when documents were received and opened, and can rest easy knowing they are secure and never compromised by public email servers. “We created SafeSend to address a need to ensure safe, encrypted delivery of …

Real estate technology adoption by your agents and managers

How do you get agents excited about the real estate technology you have invested in?

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Brokers spend tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars driving traffic, upgrading sites, creating marketing tools, and doing everything to help keep agents as productive as possible yet can’t get more than a handful to embrace and appreciate what’s been done for them. Sound familiar? Join Jose Perez, founder and Chief Visionary of PCMS Consulting as he discusses ways to gain adoption and increase the ROI on the real estate technology investments you have made. Jose will also be interviewing two PCMS/Terabitz clients who have done some creative things that they will share with our Camp REinvent group. This forum is intended to provide as much information as possible as well as soliciting feedback that can help us make Terabitz and our enterprise platforms even better.

What does the real estate brokerage of the future look like?

What does the real estate brokerage of the future look like?

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PCMS Consulting Founder and Chief Visionary, Jose Perez, moderates a fast paced session at Ignite 2011 designed to generate ideas about what the brokerage of the future should look like.  This one hour video is loaded with thought-provoking questions and commentary from Jose and other industry leaders.  The session generated many forward thinking ideas attendees of this event brought back to their markets and are in the process of implementing today!  

How Do Agents Stay In Touch After They Close a Real Estate Sale

How to stay in touch after the real estate sale

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How do you follow up with the consumer AFTER the real estate sale? According to the National Association Realtors, almost 90% of homebuyers would do business with their agent again…but only about 11% can remember who they were. Additionally: 21% of all Realtors do not have any repeat business 61 % of Realtors with 3 to 5 years experience have less than 10% repeat business 59% of Realtors with 6 to 15 years experience have less than 25% repeat business 7% of the most experienced agents do not have anyrepeat business Customer Relationship Management: Staying in touch after the sale. Automated Digital Marketing is An e-marketing system that: Provides marketing support to youthrough the Forever Marketing system Automatically captures repeat business from previous transactions Attract referrals from realtors, lenders and loan originators Forever Marketing: How does it work? Forever Marketing keeps you, and your professional customers, top of mind for as long as the …

SEO will help drive traffic to your real estate website.

Effectively Drive Traffic to your Real Estate Website

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A key asset to your real estate business is your website. Why should you work on increasing your website traffic? More listings and more sales. Where can you get more website traffic? Search engines, particularly Google (Google receives about 70% of overall search volume). There has been a major shift in how we establish credibility with new clients and stay relevant with our existing clients: Web presence and its overall ranking in search results. There are two methods to increase your visibility in search results. These methods are Organic Search and Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC).